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Whistleblower Testifies Before Congress in Historic UFO Hearing

Congress holds hearing on alleged secret UFO recovery program.

By Cassidy Ward

When Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) first became the Resident Alien (streaming now on Peacock!) of Patience, Colorado, his attempts to blend in as an eccentric doctor are thrown into upheaval when the mayor’s son is able to see his true alien form. The trouble is, you can’t do anything about aliens if no one believes what you’ve seen. That’s fine on SYFY's hit TV show, but it becomes problematic if you’re sounding the alarm for real aliens, in the real world.

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That’s something David Grusch, a veteran of the United States Air Force and prior member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, including the U.S. government’s UAP Task Force, knows a little something about,. A few months back, he filed an official whistleblower report alleging that the United States government has engaged in a long-term program to retrieve and reverse-engineer alien spacecraft. Today he testified in front of Congress about those claims.

The United States Government’s Alleged Secret UFO Program

News of Grusch’s account first hit the scene via journalist Leslie Kean on The Debrief. At the time, it was only the latest in a long line of UFO-themed reporting from Kean, including a New York Times article in 2017 about a then-secret UFO task force, which was later revealed to be the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) which handles sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP). Grusch later sat down for a video interview with NewsNation to tell his story.

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“I thought it was totally nuts and I thought at first I was being deceived, it was a ruse. People started to confide in me. Approach me. I have plenty of senior, former, intelligence officers that came to me, many of which I knew almost my whole career, that confided in me that they were part of a program,” Grusch told NewsNation. “They told me, based on their oral testimony, and they provided me documents and other proof, that there was in fact a program that the UAP Task Force was not read into.”

A flying triangle floating above the countryside at night.

Grusch also stated that he shared the information he had, including photographs and classified documents with Congress. Today, the Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs held a hearing called “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency,” during which Grusch delivered testimony.

The hearing began with opening remarks from Subcommittee Chairman Grothman, during which he highlighted what he sees as a lack of transparency regarding the UAP phenomenon, from the United States Government. Those concerns were reinforced by Grusch’s testimony.

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“I became a whistleblower through a PPT-19 urgent concern filing in May 2022 with the intelligence community inspector general following concerning reports from multiple esteemed and credentialed current and former military and intelligence community individuals that the U.S. Government is operating with secrecy, above congressional oversight, with regard to UAPs… I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program to which I was denied access,” Grusch said.

Grusch later stated that, while he didn’t see any recovered alien craft himself, he did spend four years attempting to corroborate the reports he had received and validate the legitimacy of the individuals making those reports, ultimately leading him to share the information with authorities.

He also told the panel he was willing and able to provide a list of cooperative and hostile witnesses able to provide Congress with additional information.

Whether any alien bodies or crashed spacecraft have actually been recovered remains to be seen.

Of course, you can always find one in Patience, Colorado on Resident Alien, streaming now on Peacock!