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Will ‘La Brea’ portal to the future? ‘Potential’ remains, but rest of Season 2 will stick to 10,000 BC

The entire time stream is available, but don't expect to go time-hopping just yet.

By Trent Moore
La Brea Season 1 Episode 10

The NBC sci-fi series La Brea has blown its mystery box wide open in Season 2, revealing more of what caused that mysterious time travel sink hole and just how deep (sorry) the conspiracy might reach.

**Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of La Brea**

The midseason finale of Season 2 found many of the show’s survivors taking a time travel portal to the 1980’s, but instead of just staying there, the core cast opted to head back to the far-flung B.C. past to try and figure out a way to get back to their correct time period in our present. But since we now know at least some of these time travel shenanigans stem from the future of 2076, might we ever get a glimpse of that future where it all began?

Showrunner David Appelbaum told TV Line there are no plans to head to the future in Season 2, but that’s definitely a story idea they have in their back pocket looking into potential future seasons: “That’s one of the fun things about the show, is we have the potential to do that. Future seasons could take place in other time periods.”

But as for the rest of Season 2? Appelbaum confirms they’re leaving the sun-soaked beaches and frizzy hair of the 1980s behind and getting back to the basics when the show returns in January with the back half of the season: “We’re only going to be in 10,000 B.C.,” he said.

The show started with the big swing of a sinkhole opening in the middle of California and hurtling a random group of survivors into a portal to the distant past, and has turned into a full-on sci-fi conspiracy featuring different factions, time-travel tech and now a looming death mystery. The rest of Season 2 can’t get here soon enough.

La Brea returns with new episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 31 on NBC. The show will be joined by NBC’s other big sci-fi series Quantum Leap, which returns with new episodes a bit earlier on Jan. 2.