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Winter Is Here in Spoke Art's epic Game of Thrones tribute art exhibition

By Jeff Spry

Even though Spring has sprung and warmer weather is just over the rainbow, for devoted fans of HBO's megahit series Game of Thrones, a much chillier forecast is on the horizon as the show's final season airs beginning on Sunday, April 14.

To honor the occasion and get fans prepped for the shattering conclusion of the celebrated dark fantasy series inspired by and adapted from George R. R. Martin's bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco is hosting a lavish group art exhibition titled, "Winter Is Here."

Spoke Art Gallery

"Spoke Art has brought together over 100 artists from around the globe for our "Winter is Here" tribute exhibition to celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, Spoke Art Events Coordinator John A. Wilmes, Jr. tells SYFY WIRE. "Our artists have reinterpreted, reimagined and created artwork, including paintings, sculpture, embroidery, prints and more to bring The Known World to San Francisco. This series has shaped our cultural zeitgeist immensely since it first aired and everyone involved with this exhibition has worked to create a collection of artwork that can be enjoyed by all, from Flea Bottom to The Red Keep."

This is an all-ages, no cover show that will enchant GOT faithful of countless persuasions, with all included pieces available for purchase. Opening night reception will occur at Spoke Art Gallery at 816 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA on Saturday, April 6 from 6-9PM and will be on display until Sunday, April 7 from 10AM-6PM.

Featured artist Andrew Stattmiller created the exceptional acrylic on wood "Ice and Fire" nesting doll sets, each priced at $3,500.

GOT 14

"When I started painting nesting dolls people would always say I have to make a game of thrones one," Stattmiller explains to SYFY WIRE. "I knew it would be a lot of work, but worth it. There are so many characters in the show, I couldn't get them all in there, so I had to be picky. I organized it by having fire and ice sets. Fire, I guess I was thinking characters that live in the warmer places, and Ice having characters from the north. It's kind of random, but for the most part it's a set of Starks and Lanisters. Each set of 8 dolls took about a month to paint."

Another of the prominent artists, Reuben Negron, captured the icy stare of The Night's King, which was painted using only blue, brown and white watercolor on paper.

The Night's King

"Ever since reading Grendel in high school, I've been fascinated by seeing things from the vantage point of the "Other," Negron reveals to SYFY WIRE. "Which is why I fell so hard for Game of Thrones and all the richly detailed and complex characters that inhabit that world. But of all the characters we've come to love and despise through out the storyline, The Night's King has reigned most enigmatic.

"For the majority of the series he has remained a source of rumor, speculation and fear - and that intrigues me to no end. When the opportunity presented itself to make a piece of art inspired by Games of Thrones I knew exactly who I wanted to paint and how. I wanted to get in close and examine the weathered lines in his face, his stoic demeanor and the intensity of his eyes. I wanted to see if maybe there was still a little bit of humanity left in him, or if he was indeed the stone-cold harbinger of death."

Behold the bounty of astounding Game of Thrones artworks in the full gallery below, then tell us which ones you'd fight The Hound over to display on your own castle walls.