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WIRE Buzz: Trailer for Final Destination creator's new horror film; Eli Roth's History of Horror S2; more

By Josh Weiss
Don't Look Back

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick returns to his cinematic roots in the first trailer for Don't Look Back, which puts its own spin on the idea of karma coming back to kill.

Making his directorial debut with this project, the macabre writer sets up a group of unwitting characters, only to start picking them off one-by-one. After witnessing a man get beaten to death, a collection of strangers (who just stood by and let the assault take place) start to meet gruesome fates. Caitlin Kramer (played by It Follows' Kourtney Bell) must figure out who is killing these people — is it your average, everyday murderer or something not of this world? — before her number is up. The opening premise is eerily similar to the case of Kitty Genovese, in which a woman was murdered in the early '60s as dozens of people allegedly looked on without calling for help.

Watch now:

The film co-stars Bryan Batt (The Blacklist), Will Stout (Daredevil), Skyler Hart (Jane the Virgin), Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot), Jaqueline Fleming (The Walking Dead), Amanda Grace Benitez (The Ranger), Damon Lipari (Altered Carbon), Han Soto (Logan), Dean J. West (The Hunt), and Stephen Twardokus (Devil's Path).

Quoth the poster, "Nevermore":

Don't Look Back poster

Don't Look Back arrives in theaters and on-demand Friday, Oct. 16.

Halloween is fast approaching and AMC is well aware of that. Eli Roth's History of Horror officially returns Saturday, Oct. 10 at 10:00 p.m. EST. This week, the network dropped a pair of teaser trailers (see below) for the show's second season, which will consist of six episodes.

As he once again digs into the spine-tingling history of horror cinema, Roth will be joined by a slew of special guests like Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino, Jordan Peele, Ari Aster, Bill Hader, Nancy Allen, Megan Fox, Greg Nicotero, Rob Zombie, James Brolin, Edgar Wright, Piper Laurie, Leonard Maltin, Katharine Isabelle, Jack Black, Slash, Rachel True, Ashley Laurence, Joe Dante, Roger Corman, Mary Harron, John Landis, Tom Savini, Karyn Kusama, and more.


Check out some spooky key art:

Eli Roth's History of Horror Season 2

Roth executive produces the series alongside Kurt Sayenga, Steven Michaels, Jonathan Koch, Joseph Freed, and Allison Berkley.

Jared Leto is officially getting in shape for his upcoming Tron movie that will be directed by indie filmmaker Garth Davis (Lion, Mary Magdalene). An already buff Leto posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption reading: "Starting the Tron workout...join me?"

The movie, which was confirmed in August, has yet to receive the green-light from Disney, but if the Morbius actor is starting to get in shape for it, a studio go-ahead must be imminent. In addition, it seems like the Mouse House is looking to reboot the IP, rather than make a sequel to Tron: Legacy — itself a follow-up to the original Tron from 1982. So far, we know next to nothing about Davis' take on the series, except that the director actively lobbied for the job.

"I’m struck with such gratitude for the opportunity to bring this movie to life, especially as both the original video game and the film affected me so deeply as a young child," Leto wrote on Twitter in August. "The fact that I get to be a part of this new chapter is mind-blowing. I am so very excited and proud to confirm that YES - I will be starring in TRON. We will work as hard as we possibly can to create something that I hope you all will love.  We have some very special ideas in store for you all...See you in the grid!""