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WIRE Buzz: John Bishop joins Doctor Who crew; Soul directors talk about Mr. Mittens; more

By Vanessa Armstrong
doctor who can you hear me

Actor and comedian John Bishop will be joining the cast of Doctor Who as a bloke named Dan, and it looks like he'll be traveling in the TARDIS with the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yaz (Mandip Gill) too. 

“If I could tell my younger self that one day I would be asked to step on board the TARDIS, I would never have believed it,” Bishop told the BBC.

While we still don’t know the details about Dan’s introduction to travel through time and space, the BBC hints that Bishop’s character will “face evil alien races beyond his wildest nightmares.”

Bishop joining the show has apparently been in the works for awhile, which makes the secrecy of his involvement even more impressive. “We’ve had to keep this one secret for a long, long time,” showrunner Chris Chibnall said to BBC. “Our conversations started with John even before the pandemic hit. The character of Dan was built for him, and it’s a joy to have him aboard the TARDIS.”

The next season of the show is currently in production, with Bishop already on set filming. While no official release date for the U.S. has been announced, the BBC is reported that the new episodes are expected to air on BBC One later in 2021.

*Mild spoilers for Pixar’s Soul below!*

Kemp Powers and Pete Docter, directors of Pixar’s Soul, addressed the deep question many had after watching the film: What happened to the soul of Mr. Mittens, the cat that Joe (Jamie Foxx) briefly inhabited on Earth?

During a live Twitter watch of the film, both Docter and Powers talked about the cat.

Docter admitted that the question about what happened to Mr. Mitten’s soul was “one of our most persistent notes while making the film.” The note was so persistent in fact, that Powers shared that the team had storyboarded an entire sequence that showed how the cat’s soul got back to his body, and the they considered playing the scene over the end credits but decided not to because “it was a bit too silly tonally.”

Powers also directly addressed the question about why Mr. Mittens’ soul didn’t go to the Great Hereafter — cats have nine lives, of course, and Mr. Mittens simply used one of them to get back to his body.

Soul is currently streaming on Disney+.

The 1996 Superman Lives movie that never was is the stuff of legend, in no small part because it had Tim Burton on board to direct, Nicolas Cage tapped to play Superman himself, and Kevin Smith as the scriptwriter.

On his podcast, Fatman Beyond, Smith recently shared a 24-year-old memo he received from Warner Bros. about working on the project, which he read out on his show. Here is a snippet of what he shared:

It's time for the rebirth of a hero. As you know, we are making a new Superman film, taking the world's most famous superhero into the 21st century. The enclosed collection of comic books forms the basis of the take outline. We would love to discuss this with Kevin Smith at his earliest convenience.

Alienated from the world he protects, convinced his relationship with Lois Lane is doomed, Superman is suddenly defeated and left for dead by the villain Brainiac, an intergalactic genius intent upon collecting the best DNA in the universe. Superman is secretly nursed back to health by his mentor Cadmus only to discover he has lost his superpowers. As Lois mourns the loss of her love and Brainiac frantically searches for Superman's body, the Man of Steel returns disguised using as a high-tech bodysuit to fight while he attempts to regain his superpowers. While battling Brainiac's henchmen Parasite and Banshee, Superman rediscovers his powers and his love for Lois Lane. In a final showdown, Superman destroys Brainiac and saves the world that he has come to call home.

There you have it. And while we’ll never be able to see a live-action version of Superman Lives, including the disco-ball suit Burton had in mind for the caped crusader, the outline Smith shared from the old memo gives us more fodder to feed our imaginations and wonder about what could have been. 

(Via GeekTyrant)