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Netflix drops trailers for post-apocalyptic Daybreak and twisty In the Shadow of the Moon

By Josh Weiss

This morning, Netflix gave us our first look at two new genre projects coming to the streaming platform. The first is Daybreak, a post-apocalyptic series that turns the classic high school cliches on their head in the aftermath of a deadly nuclear blast. The second is In the Shadow of the Moon, an '80s-era serial killer movie with a very clear sci-fi twist. Let's get to em', shall we?

The trailer for Daybreak was released at 6:37am PT since that's the time of actual daybreak in Glendale, California, where the show takes place. After a nuclear detonation wipes out a good chunk of humanity, the students and faculty of a local high school do their best to survive in the new world. Here's the rub, though: just because the planet was devastated by radiation, doesn't meant that school's cliques became any different. The jocks, gamers, and 4-H Club have all formed Mad Max-esque tribes of marauding violence.

Netflix describes the dark comedy show (based on the graphic novel of the same name by Brian Ralph) as "part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale." Based on the trailer, we'd like to throw Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide into the comparison mix as well.

Daybreak | Official Teaser | Netflix

Matthew Broderick (WarGames) plays Principal Michael Burr; Krysta Rodriguez (Quantico) plays the biology teacher; and Colin Ford (Captain Marvel) plays our main hero, Josh Wheeler.

Sophie Simnett co-stars as Sam Dean, the most popular girl at Glendale High; Austin Crute is the contemplative samurai, Wesley Fists; Alyvia Alyn Lind is Angelica Green, a highly mercurial kid genius; Cody Kearsley plays Turbo Bro Jock, the bloodthirsty leader of the jock tribe; Jeanté Godlock is  Mona Lisa, Turbo's right-hand woman; and Gregory Kasyan is Eli Cardashyan. On that last character, Netflix assures us via press release that there's no relation to the Kardashians you're thinking of.

Season 1 of Daybreak premieres on Netflix Thursday, Oct. 24.

For our next trailer, we're heading back to 1988 where police officer Thomas Lockhart (portrayed by Logan's Boyd Holbrook) tries to solve the revived murder spree of a possibly vampiric killer he thought he saw die with his own eyes. As his obsession to get to the bottom of the mystery intensifies, Lockhart puts his job, family, and very sanity at risk.

Set in Philadelphia, In the Shadow of the Moon starts out as a cut-and-dry crime thriller before taking a hard turn into science fiction territory. Directed by Jim Micke (Hap and Leonard), the film also stars Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man on Earth), and Bokeem Woodbine (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

In the Shadow of the Moon debuts on Netflix Friday, Sep. 27.