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WIRE Buzz: Tom Cruise's space film; Disney+'s godly musical; and Unbelievable!!!!! trailer

By Nivea Serrao & Josh Weiss
The Mummy Tom Cruise IMDb

From ground control to... Cruise control? Deadline is reporting actor Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible), along with director Doug Liman (The Edge of Tomorrow), will produce the first-ever narrative feature film that will shoot entirely in space. 

According to Deadline's sources, the duo pitched their idea for an action-adventure movie filmed and shot in space to Universal Pictures without a script — Liman has yet to finish writing it — earning themselves a commitment worth around $200 million. Cruise's frequent collaborator, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie (The Mummy), will reportedly serve as story adviser and will produce the movie alongside Cruise, Liman, and PJ van Sandwijk. 

Also, onboard is Space X's Elon Musk, as the company is partnering up with the project, a natural follow-up to their recent success launching two American astronauts into space on a commercially produced spaceship. 

But before Cruise can try his hand at literal gravity-defying stunts, he and McQuarrie will eventually be heading back to work on Mission: Impossible 7, which will be restarting production again this September. 

Disney+ is giving fans something else to sing about! 

The streaming platform will be adapting the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Once on This Island — only unlike Hamilton, which arrived on the service as a recording of the stage musical, this will be a live-action movie more in the vein of Disney's recent run of flicks, like Aladdin and Mulan.

The musical is based on the novel My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy, which is set in the French Antilles in the Caribbean. It tells the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who falls in love with an aristocrat named Daniel, only for her feelings to become the basis of a wager by the island's gods, who are looking to figure out which is stronger: love or death (AKA Papa Ge, a demon of death who Ti Moune promises her life to in exchange for Daniel's so that he won't die). 

Playwright Jocelyn Bioh (Russian Doll) will be writing the script, with Wanuri Kahiu (Rafiki) directing, and Marc Platt (Wicked) producing. 

And now, for the craziest thing you'll see all week. 

Unbelievable!!!!! is described as a Star Trek parody, but the film's schlocky and star-studded trailer promises so much more than that. Written and directed by Steven L. Fawcette, the movie follows a group of astronauts (one of whom is a marionette named "Captain Kirk Stillwood") on a rescue mission to save their Space Agency comrades from a lunar base on the moon. Soon, the group finds itself locked in a life or death battle to save the Earth from an invasion of Killer Plant Aliens (led by Snoop Dogg, of course).

Taking eight years to complete, Unbelievable!!!!! features over 40 Star Trek veterans like Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Walter Koenig, and Michael Dorn. The production also got Gerald Fried, the last living composer of the original Trek TV show, to craft the music.

Seeing is believing. Take a look below:

If the Captain Stillwood puppet is giving you flashbacks to 2004's Team America: World Police, that's no coincidence. The prop was created by the Chiodo Brothers, who worked on the Trey Parker project, as well as the 1988 cult classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

The movie's impressive laundry list of supporting actors includes:

Garrett Wang, Chase Masterson, Tim Russ, Michael Madsen, Robert Davi, Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, Linda Park, Connor Trinneer, Manu Intiraymi, Angelique Fawcette, Katarina Van Derham, McKenzie Westmore, Anthony Montgomery, Gilbert Gottfried, Dina Meyer, Olivia d’Abo, Julie Warner, Armin Shimerman, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, Dominic Keating, Max Grodenchik, Casey Biggs, Brenda Bakke, Patti Yasutake, Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Steve Rankin, Christopher Doohan, Sam Asghari, Casper Smart, Michael Dante, Jack Donne,r Michael Forest, Sean Kenney, Gary Lockwood, BarBara Luna, Beverly Washburn, Celeste Yarnall, Bobby Clark, Jasmine Anthony, Crystal Allen, Menina Fortunato, Deprise Brescia, Kevin Carlson, Kaley Victoria Rose, Anne McDaniels, Brooke Newton, Nadia Lanfranconi, Guy Nardulli, Emily L. Stanton, Brit Navarro, Bert Rotundo, Steven Scot Bono, Peter Tedeschi, John Hafner, and Seth Austin.

You can pick up tickets for the virtual red carpet and screening (set to take place tomorrow) here.