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SYFY WIRE Scarlet Witch

WIRE Buzz: WandaVision to reveal story behind Scarlet Witch name; Weathering With You trailer; more

By Jacob Oller
Weathering With You IMDb

Scarlet Witch fans will soon have some answers about how the superhero fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... and why fans haven’t yet heard her full title used to describe the character.

This will all become clear thanks to WandaVision, the upcoming Disney+ show that takes Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s Vision and puts them in an oddball pseudo-sitcom world. Explaining how this will answer anything at all is Olsen, who recently said in an interview that the series wouldn’t just be exciting for fans of the MCU, but for fans of the Scarlet Witch comics as well.

Check it out:

"This show will explore why she's known as Scarlet Witch and how she is Scarlet Witch, as opposed to Wanda,” the actress said. “We've always referred to her as Wanda in our films." This information was supposed to be delivered by Olsen (as per MCU shot-caller Kevin Feige) at the show’s giant tease during San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, but the sheer amount of fans in attendance and the pressure got to her. Now she’s clear: WandaVision will please longtime Scarlet Witch fans and help explain the hero’s origins/name to those who only know her as Wanda.

WandaVision premieres on Disney+ in the spring of 2021.

Next, the writer/director behind body-swap box-office banger Your Name has a new genre-tinged anime film coming stateside—and now it’s got a new trailer.

Weathering With You, Makoto Shinkai's latest, is about a pair of teen loners connecting with each other during the rainy summer before freshman year of high school ... except one of them can control the weather. It’s classic YA with plenty of Miyazaki magic thrown in for good measure, which fans can see for themselves in the trailer below:

Coming to the U.S. from GKIDS, Weathering With You stars Kotaro Daigo and Nana Mori as the central duo. It’s also going to be Japan’s submission to International category of the Oscars this year, landing the first anime nod for the designation since 1998’s Princess Mononoke.

The film is already in the Japanese top 20 box-office hits of all time after premiering there this summer, and will look to add to that total when it brings its love story in Jan. 17, 2020.

Finally, a longtime creator of critically acclaimed genre films is headed to the small screen. Alfonso Cuarón, the director of films like Gravity, Children of Men, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, has signed a deal to develop TV projects for the upcoming streaming service Apple TV+.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this exclusively locks the Oscar-winning Cuarón to Apple for multiple years, which could lead to plenty of projects from the creator that boasts Alejandro González Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro as close contemporaries. What these projects might be is anyone's guess, but as Apple has shown already with shows like For All Mankind, it seems that genre is close to its streaming service's heart.

Apple TV+ launches Nov. 1.