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'I trained at Waffle House': Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter sounds off on viral restaurant battle

Chair-punching powers > Lasso of Truth

By Josh Weiss

A viral battle between employees and customers at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas has caught the attention of Wonder Woman herself — Lynda Carter. Responding to the end of the video, where one of the workers casually deflects a chair thrown over the counter by a retreating patron, Carter tweeted a clip from the '70s-era Wonder Woman television show, in which her super-powered character stops the momentum of an assailant's wooden seat with ease. "I trained at Waffle House," she wrote in the caption.

Since its publication last Thursday, Carter's post has racked up up 16.1 million views, more than 30,000 shares, and over 200,000 likes. The official DC account hilariously declared this development to be "Canon." Joining in on the fun, comedian Brad Williams joked that "The US Military has many branches defending our country: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, [and] Waffle House Employees."

The viral video, which currently boasts over 4 million views, was originally recorded last September by Ray Baylor (via The Daily Mail), but he only decided to release it after hearing about a similar brawl at another location in Georgia on Christmas Day. The latter incident resulted in the arrests of two people —  Alexis Shaianne Smith (27) and Roderick Ramone Brown (35) — on charges of disorderly conduct relating to a dispute over a to-go order, reports Atlanta-based news outlet, the Morgan County Citizen.

Comedy Central's The Daily Show poked fun at Waffle House free-for-alls in a recent sketch (watch below), where host Trevor Noah and correspondent Roy Wood Jr. loiter in the parking lot of the restaurant at night, eagerly waiting for a tussle to break out. "Nobody goes to Waffle House for just the waffles!" explains Wood Jr. to Noah, who merely wants to try the food. "Violence is part of the experience! ... The authentic Waffle House experience is watching strangers punch each other in the face. You record it, you go viral."

"Say it with me: Rule No. 1 — don’t screw with Waffle House employees," wrote Emily Bloch in the introduction of a Philadelphia Inquirer article about "the lore" of Waffle House brawls. They’ve seen more in one night shift than you have your entire life."

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