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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Princess Diana breaks Amazon law in DC's Wonder Woman: Warbringer graphic novel

By Jeff Spry
Warbringer Hero

Taking its cue from Leigh Bardugo's bold DC Icons prose novel, Wonder Woman: WarbringerDC Comics has called upon the talents of living legend Louise Simonson to adapt the 2017 novel with artist Kit Seaton — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive 9-page preview to rope in before its Jan. 7 release. 

Warbringer Cover

Rounding out the creative team on this project are colorist Sara Wooley and letterer Deron Bennett.

Simonson is not only known for being the wife of another comics icon, Walt Simonson (Thor), but spent numerous years honing her craft on popular books like DC's Steel and Marvel's X-Factor, Warlock, and New Mutants, and also co-created the character Apocalypse with Butch Guice.

Here she tackles Bardugo's New York Times bestselling novel with inspired zeal that reflects in the fluid, dynamic storytelling. A trailer celebrating the merits of the new Wonder Wonder: Warbringer graphic novel was just released last week to give fans a taste of things to come.

The storyline finds the noble Amazonian prior to becoming one of the planet's greatest superheroes as Wonder Woman. Here young Princess Diana yearns to prove herself to her formidable warrior sisters, but when an opportunity finally arises, she tosses away her chance at immortal glory and breaks strict Amazon law, subsequently risking permanent exile to save a girl of destiny. This mere mortal named Alia Keralis is no ordinary human, and with this one brave deed Diana may have doomed the entire world.

Hoping to escape her overbearing brother with an adventurous semester at sea, Alia doesn’t know she is being hunted down. After a bomb explodes aboard her ocean liner, Alia is rescued by a mysterious girl of abnormal strength and forced to confront an unavoidable truth: Alia is a Warbringer—a direct descendant of the legendary Helen of Troy, fated to bring about an era of death and misery.

WW Slice 1

“It was such fun to adapt Leigh Bardugo's Wonder Woman: Warbringer into a graphic novel format," Simonson tells SYFY WIRE. "Teenage Diana is faced with a building series of impossible choices -- save a human life and doom Themyscira, leave Themyscira and doom herself, slay a friend and save the world. How she navigates each challenge with courage and integrity presages the heroine she will soon become. It's quite a story, and artist Kit Seaton not only tells the story but highlights Diana's emotions during her first harrowing encounter with our modern world.”

WW Slice 2

The Georgia-based cartoonist and illustrator Kit Seaton (Afar) dives head first into this demanding adaptation and gives the teenage Diana a confident intensity as a harbinger of her future days as a founding Justice League member.

“This was such an enjoyable book to work on! Diana and her budding friendship with Alia were some of my favorite scenes to draw," she explains to SYFY WIRE. "The graphic novel has all these great story elements of fantasy islands, getting lost in the big city, and teen road trips in the countryside. I hope readers enjoy spending time in the world of Warbringer as much as I did!”

WW Slice 3

Now behold our exclusive 9-page preview of DC's Wonder Woman: Warbringer in the gallery below, then chime in with your thoughts on this formative 200-page graphic novel set for release on Jan. 7.