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Exclusive: A getaway turns frightening in clip from Shudder's 'A Wounded Fawn'

A Wounded Fawn arrives on Shudder on Dec. 1 after a successful round of festivals.

By Matthew Jackson
Wounded Fawn

We're almost at the end of 2022, but the opportunities to see great new horror films aren't over yet. Next month, Shudder will release writer/director Travis Stevens' surreal new horror film A Wounded Fawn, and we've got an exclusive clip for you to check out right now.

With a strange, mindbending landscape driven by Greek myths and surrealism, A Wounded Fawn tells the story of Meredith (Sarah Lind), a curator who's just begun dating again when she meets Bruce (Josh Ruben), who shares her passion for the arts and also happens to be, unbeknownst to her, a rather savage serial killer. Together, the two head out of the city for a weekend getaway, which feels like a perfect trap for the killer to snare Meredith and never let her go. But when things take an unexpected shift in a dark direction, neither of them are prepared for what happens next. 

In the clip below, we get a peek at one of the early moments of tension during this weekend away, and Meredith starts to feel something sinister in the air, and Bruce is still trying to have a little fun with his would-be prey. Check it out below:

In breaking down the scene itself, Stevens told SYFY WIRE that this moment is a particularly crucial bit of table-setting, laying out not just the physical stakes of the characters, but the delicate emotional shifts that will create much of A Wounded Fawn's tension later.

In this clip, Meredith's intuition is overtly warning her that 'something is wrong here' and although things don't feel right, she excuses it out of politeness and her own concern that she's just being paranoid," Steven explained. "Her character is doing these internal calculations throughout the film, up until the moment when it's too late to change the outcome. One of the joys of working with actress Sarah Lind who plays Meredith, was in seeing how she expressed these calculations, sometimes with nothing more than a blink of an eye. Josh Ruben's portrayal of Bruce had such a playfulness throughout the shoot, that I suggested the ear flick while we were shooting this scene, just to see how it might change the vibe. Both actors nailed the adjustment and I think it gives the scene a unique menace."

Apart from its intriguing premise and stunning, eerie visuals, A Wounded Fawn is also a gathering of some of the brightest minds in indie horror right now. Stevens is known both for his producing work and for his other two features as director, Girl on the Third Floor and Jakob's Wife, the latter of which also co-starred Lind, whose past credits including Wolfcop and The Exorcism of Molly Hartley. Then there's Ruben, whose directorial work includes Scare Me (in which he also starred) and Werewolves Within, and whose work as a producer includes this year's indie horror darling Blood Relatives. In other words, it's a bunch of talented people coming together for a horror experience you won't soon forget.

A Wounded Fawn arrives on Dec. 1 on Shudder.

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