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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp

Recap: There's a whole lot of changing going on in Wynonna Earp's latest episode, 'Better Dig Two'

By Vanessa Armstrong

A lot of loose ends were tied up in tonight’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “Better Dig Two,” and a slew of characters went through major transformations, to put it mildly. Now that the fog has dissipated — literally, thanks to Dark Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley)! — it’s time to take a pause and appreciate where things stand for our favorite Purgatory residents. 

**Warning: Spoilers ahead for Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 11, “Better Dig Two.”**

Beautiful and Terrible | Episode 11 Preview

Dark Waverly is on the loose at the beginning of Season 4’s second-to-final episode, and we’re not quite sure what she’s up to yet. Before going off to do Dark Waverly things, however, she takes Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) at her word when the elder Earp says she doesn’t want to see Waverly this way. So Waverly strikes Wynonna temporarily blind.

Wynonna is now stuck in the woods and unable to see (Transformation #1!). To make her situation worse, Billy the Reaper (Billy Bryk) is tracking her down to murder her. Cleo (Savannah Basley) has plans of her own though and convinces Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) to do a spell to set Billy free of the reaper curse. It works (Transformation #2!), and now Billy is human again and helping Wynonna instead of wanting to kill her.

Cleo, however, wants her own transformation and thinks she needs Wynonna to do it. She kidnaps Rachel and heads back to the Clanton ranch to lure the recently re-sighted Wynonna (apparently Dark Waverly’s spell was a temporary thing) there. Why does Cleo want Wynonna? Because she thinks she can do some spellwork to make Wynonna take on the Clanton curse.


Before we get to the Cleo-Wynonna showdown, though, let’s head over to Black Badge for a bit. Doc (Tim Rozon), Jeremy (Varun Saranga), and a bleeding Mercedes (Dani Kind) are still locked up there, and Doc is about to go through more than one transformation of his own. 

Doc is struggling not to give in to his vampiric instincts and suck Mercedes dry. Jeremy is doing everything he can to keep his friend from doing so, telling Doc that he’s a better man (well, vampire) now. And Doc doesn’t give in! It’s a touching moment, even though in the end, Doc ends up turning Mercedes into a vampire since she would die otherwise. (Transformation #3!)

A Shootout at Clanton Ranch | Episode 11 Highlight

With two vampires on hand, the Black Badge crew is able to break out with some help from Nicole (Katherine Barrell). Doc is hearing voices, though, and stays behind only to end up at the Clanton ranch — it turns out that he is the one who takes on the Clanton curse after Cleo does her spell, and now he’s compelled to kill Wynonna (Transformation #4!). The two face off in a duel, but Wynonna trusts that Doc’s honor would be enough to override the Clanton curse and not shoot her. When he does ultimately shoot, however, the gun backfires — before he turned, Doc had a feeling something was up and put the wrong bullets in his gun.

Now Doc is dying and Dark Waverly is there. After Wynonna begs Dark Waverly to save Doc, she does, making Doc human again in the process (Transformation #4!). Dark Waverly, who just wanted to get her book from Doc and head back to The Garden, makes all the reapers birds on the way out (Transformation #5!) and heads back to The Garden’s gate to take her throne.

Doc Wants a Fresh Start | Episode 11 Highlight

Nicole is there to meet her, however, thanks to Jeremy’s fire crotch powers. She convinces her love to let her take on the burden of protecting the Ghost River Triangle if it means keeping Waverly in Purgatory with her. Dark Waverly agrees, throws the book through the gate, and becomes regular Waverly again! WayHaught is reunited, although Nicole has a new neck tattoo and, as guardian of all the realms, she can never leave the Ghost River Triangle (Transformation #6!).

That doesn’t dampen the mood though. The end of the episode has WayHaught as well as Doc, Wynonna, and Jeremy together at Shorty’s. Wynonna and Doc are on good terms again (finally!) and Nicole brings up the one big thing that hasn’t happened yet this season: We’re talking about the WayHaught wedding, of course! 

“Let’s have ourselves a wedding,” Wynonna says at the end of the episode. Yes, let’s absolutely have ourselves a wedding, and here’s to hoping that’s what we’ll get next week.

#MakingYourPeace: Behind the Scenes of Wynonna Earp | Season 4, Episode 11

The Season 4 finale of Wynonna Earp premieres on Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY.