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Recap: Everybody is loved (and gives themselves permission to be loved) in the Wynonna Earp finale

By Vanessa Armstrong

Wynonna Earp's Season 4 finale, "Old Souls," was a real tear-jerker — but, for longtime fans of the SYFY show, in a good way. We got to spend some heartfelt time with our beloved Purgatory crew, see a wedding we've long been waiting for, and watch our favorite characters move forward and grow.

**Warning: Spoilers ahead for Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 12, "Old Souls."**

A Wedding at the Homestead | Episode 12 Preview

"Old Souls" starts off with a flashback to a bloody wedding, where a bride wearing a certain dress takes an ax to her loved ones before killing herself. We then cut to the present day, where everyone is getting ready for the WayHaught wedding (so many pretty flowers!), and we find out that Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) has purchased the murderous dress from the flashback.

Shenanigans ensue in typical Earp fashion — Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) tries on the cursed wedding dress and then can't get it off. (It also blows up the wedding cake and causes the wedding arch to catch fire, as cursed dresses tend to do.) Wynonna runs to Doc (Tim Rozon) to get help, and the two end up talking about their relationship while trying to get the witch who sold Waverly the dress to remove the curse.

The dress snafu, however, isn't the heart of this episode. Waverly summarily thwarts the witch, burns the murder dress, and gets a new, uncursed gown. We then spend the rest of "Old Souls" on what truly matters: Where Doc, Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole (Katherine Barrell), and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) end up.


The good news is they're all in good places. Waverly and Nicole have a wonderful wedding and are now happily married.

"I'm where I always wanted to be — home with my wife," Nicole tells Waverly near the end of the episode, and fans couldn't have asked for a more heartfelt and touching moment. They're in love, they're happy, and they'll always have each other to depend on.

WayHaught Ties the Knot | Episode 12 Highlight

Jeremy gets his own glimmer of love in "Old Souls." After what happened to Robin, he spent most of Season 4 thinking he didn't deserve to love again. After a mix-up that turns into a meet-cute with a handsome caterer, however, it seems Jeremy is ready to put himself out there once more. He also gets an impressive promotion at Black Badge, which he'll take on just as soon as he has that first date with that caterer.

Wynonna and Waverly have some emotional moments in this episode as well. Their bond is deep, and nothing is more important to Wynonna than protecting her sister. Waverly loves Wynonna back, but in one of the funnier moments in the episode, she drops more than a couple of F-bombs, drags Wynonna by the ear, and orders her to go after Doc.

Wynonna Runs After Doc | Episode 12 Highlight

The younger Earp sister doesn't need protecting anymore — she's married to the guardian of the Ghost River Triangle, after all.

Waverly gets right to the crux of it when she tells Wynonna to stop punishing herself. Wynonna deserves to be loved, and — finally — Wynonna believes it.

So she rides off after Doc, Peacemaker in hand. The two had a heartbreaking exchange earlier in the episode, where Doc told her he needed to move forward with his life and leave Purgatory. He wanted Wynonna to come with him, but she felt like she couldn't leave her sister. After Waverly puts her straight, however, Wynonna rides after Doc, shoots out the tires on his car, and rides off into the sunset with him.

Where are they going? To see their daughter, of course (and if you weren't crying already, it's a good bet you're crying now).

We've spent four years in Purgatory, and this show has brought an immense amount of love to the TV screen and to the world all these years. It's endlessly satisfying to see everyone in a good place. This family is better because they have each other, and we're grateful we've been able to follow their story.

#MakingYourPeace: Behind the Scenes of Wynonna Earp | Season 4, Episode 12