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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp

Recap: There’s glitter-induced love all over Purgatory, but Wynonna Earp and Doc’s true love is hurting

By Vanessa Armstrong
Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 7: "Love's All Over"

Wynonna Earp's Season 4 midseason premiere is here, and the seventh episode of the season, "Love's All Over," fittingly brings a lot of love to everyone in Purgatory.

There's the love between WayHaught, of course, and we get loads of that here. Meanwhile, Doc and Wynonna's relationship, which was severely strained at the end of the midseason finale, remains on the rocks.

This episode is packed with all kinds of love. Saying more, however, brings us into spoiler territory. So without further ado, here's the obligatory spoiler tag before we get into it.

**Spoilers ahead for Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 7, "Love's All Over."**

It's a month after Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole's (Katherine Barrell) official engagement, and the wedding planning is underway! Wynonna is happy for the couple, but has been drinking too much (even for her) and is still hurting from Doc's rejection in the midseason finale after she shot Sheriff Hoyt Clayton in the back.

Wynonna still tries to do her sister-of-the-bride duty, however, and takes WayHaught to a club full of male strippers for a clearly unplanned bachelorette party. While there, they discover one of the performers is a former cupid who has transitioned to an exotic dancing career (with food delivery service on the side).

The cupid and Waverly get to talking, and she challenges his assertion that love isn't real. Waverly foolishly makes a bet with him about it right before he slips a vial of love glitter into her pocket.

Waverly Talks to Stripper Cupid | Season 4, Episode 7 Top Moment

Love hijinks ensue! Waverly inadvertently glitters her fiancée and Bunny Loblaw (Jann Arden), causing the normally shy Nicole to become a PDA-machine and the homophobic Loblaw to aggressively pursue Waverly with flowers and love songs. To make matters even more confusing, some glitter gets on Wynonna, and she falls in love/lust with the demonic club owner, Amon (Noam Jenkins), while Doc ends up glittered to Cleo Clanton (Savannah Basley).

Things devolve from there, until ultimately the love-sopped gang all end up at Shorty's and, after an unfortunate glitter bomb, become completely enamored with each other.

A Glitter Bomb in Purgatory | Season 4, Episode 7 Top Moment

The most heartbreaking pair are Wynonna and Doc: They have a love that's real, but Doc wants to move on. When the cupid finally removes the glitter glamour, Doc and Wynonna are dancing, and the look they give each other before Doc walks away is heartbreaking.

The glitter fiasco sends Wynonna further down her spiral of self-loathing. It hurts that the person she loves doesn't think highly of her, and so she distracts herself by taking a successful, un-glittered pass at Amon.


Doc's glittered love, Cleo Clanton, has her own journey this episode as well. She manages to avoid the cupid-created glitter love-a-thon at Shorty's but still finds herself wrestling with love. It's a different kind of love, though. She feels all alone now that her brother and abusive mother are dead, and her younger brother, Billy (Billy Bryk), is a reaper trapped in Shorty's basement.

Although Cleo starts the episode at a loss, she's more than recovered by the end. By "recovered" we mean "feeding chopped-up pieces of her mom to her reaper ancestors and denying Ma Clanton the right to live on in zombified form." Fortunately (for her), Cleo is reunited with Billy at the very end of "Love's All Over" after Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) lets him free. What the two get up to in future episodes is unknown, but it likely isn't going to be good for the Earps and their loved ones.

#MakingYourPeace: Behind the Scenes of Wynonna Earp | Season 4, Episode 7

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