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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp: Teaser for new episode hints things get bad (really bad) for Waverly and Doc

By Vanessa Armstrong
Wynonna Earp Season 4, Episode 10: "Love Turned Her That Way"

Wynonna Earp’s latest episode was full of “Crazy” events, and based on the teaser for next week, it seems things will take an even worse turn for some of our favorite residents of Purgatory.

Season 4’s 10th episode, “Life Turned Her That Way,” looks like a darker Wynonna installment (if the teaser is any indication, at least). One thing that's clear from the sneak peek, however, is that the fog surrounding the Ghost River Triangle will literally take Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) right off her feet.

Missed the clip or want to see it again? Check it out here:

What Happened to Waverly? | Episode 10 Preview

Things are not good in Purgatory! It looks like Black Badge has put Doc (Tim Rozon) in jail for some reason (maybe they decided him being a vampire wasn’t something they liked?) and something even worse has apparently happened to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley).

How do we know Waverly's in trouble? One of the Glory Hole demons tells Wynonna that Doc's incarceration is "better than what happened to your sister," and we get quick cuts to Waverly tied to a wooden pole and screaming.


It doesn’t look great! Wynonna and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) are on the case to find Waverly; she’s their first priority, which is sweet if the youngest Earp sister wasn’t in such clear danger.

We’re then warned there are only three episodes left, and we see that mysterious fog pull Wynonna off her feet and into the mist. Cut to black, and we hear Waverly’s horrified voice saying, “What did you do to me?”

Oh no! What’s going to happen to Waverly? It could be anything (or any fog) at this point — we’ll have to wait until this Friday, however, to find out.

New episodes of Wynonna Earp premiere Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/ 9 CT on SYFY.

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