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SYFY WIRE Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S retail price, first look confirmed by Microsoft

By Jacob Oller
Xbox Series S official

After leaks hit the internet one day earlier, Microsoft decided to give gamers word from the top: the Xbox Series S images they saw were real, as was the price. And no, that's not the same thing as its upcoming Xbox Series X next-gen console.

The Series S looks to follow in the Xbox One's model of having a higher-end model (the Xbox One X) and smaller, more accessible version (the Xbox One S). A counterpart to the Xbox Series X (which looks to compete with the PlayStation 5), the Series S has a compact look compared to the massive block of the Series X with no visible disc drive — perhaps continuing the tradition of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition — and a large circular vent. That's not a speaker, no matter how much the contrast color scheme may make it look like one. And, as Xbox's official tweet says, it looks to be "the smallest Xbox ever."

Take a look:

"Let’s make it official!" the tweet reads, referencing the deluge of leaks preceding it. "Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever. $299 (ERP). Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise."

This is the first official announcement of the console, which had been included on next-gen Xbox controller packages but never mentioned by Microsoft. Now it's got a price point (more reasonable than many assumed) that could set the expectation of gamers for the full, beefier model when more details drop about the Xbox Series X.

While no release date has yet been confirmed for the Microsoft consoles, the company has confirmed that the Series X was on track for a November release date — though sadly there won't be a new Halo game there alongside it.