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SYFY WIRE Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena 25: The 25th Anniversary Podcast: Joxer the Mighty Makes a Mean Brisket

By Fangrrls Staff
Ted Raimi Xena Warrior Princess

The Bulgarian bagpipes continue to play as the 25th anniversary celebration continues with another meaty episode.

Did we say meaty? We meant mighty. Joxer the Mighty, that is.

Ted Raimi must've been roaming through the countryside for some time because he has not talked about Xena: Warrior Princess in nearly a decade. Lucky for us, that means he's got A LOT to say. In this episode he sits down with host and Xena mega-fan Katie Wilson in what may be one of his final interviews about the show.

From remembering his first day on set to his thoughts about his iconic song, Ted talks and spills the tea about his fellow castmates over the years. Cook a brisket in the oven while you listen for the full experience.


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