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SYFY WIRE Watchmen

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II picks up best supporting Emmy for Watchmen

By Benjamin Bullard
Yahya Abdul Mateen II

Dr. Manhattan went big at Sunday’s Emmys, with actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II besting the field to pick up yet another Emmy for HBO’s highly decorated Watchmen — this one for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, for his portrayal of Cal Abar.

Abdul-Mateen accepted the award (as all the evening’s winners did) via a safe socially-distanced remote location, dedicating the honor to “all the black women in my life” for his dual role as Watchmen’s iconic blue titan, revealed by Angela Abar (co-star Regina King, who also walked away with an Emmy) late in the season in a surprising plot twist.

The award shows Abdul-Mateen at the peak of his genre stride, but Watchmen is just part of the sci-fi schedule that’s been keeping him busy — and in costume. He also kept Arthur Curry on the run in 2018’s Aquaman as David Kane (aka Black Manta). He's also set to appear in the upcoming reboot of Candyman as an artist investigating the Candyman legend — only to find himself drawn into a world of terror.

Watchmen “was a story about trauma…a story about police corruption and brutality,” said Abdul-Mateen in accepting the award. “But in the midst of all that, it was a story about a guy who came down to Earth to reciprocate love.” On Sunday, the Emmys reciprocated the love right back.