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Kevin Bacon contends with nasty vines in snippet from David Koepp's Audible horror story 'Yard Work'

By Josh Weiss
gardening shears

Kevin Bacon's encounter with the Graboid worms in the first Tremors movie back in 1990 was just a warm-up for Yard Work, a new Audible Original from veteran genre screenwriter David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man). SYFY WIRE has an exclusive snippet from the original production (out next week), which is entirely narrated by Bacon, who previously worked with Koepp on You Should Have Left.

A horror story in the vein of Stephen King and '80s body horror, Yard Work tells the tale of a retired judge, who, acting against the wishes of his children, moves to the family's secluded lake house after the death of his wife. Once there, he notices an invasive and thorny vine throttling trees on the property. He sets out to remove the strange growth, but soon realizes that his botanical adversary may have a deadly mind of its own.

In our exclusive excerpt, the judge shows off the mysterious plant to Jeff, the proprietor of a local hardware store and a veteran smoker of marijuana. While the main character is determined to remove the vine at all costs, Jeff suggests that they let sleeping dogs (or vegetation, rather) lie.

Take a listen:

"I hadn't realized that for the thirty years I've been a screenwriter, I'd never been able to describe what a character was actually thinking or feeling — only what they said and did," Koepp said when the project was first announced in June. "I love movie writing, but it's such a joy to write prose and bring the focus back to the words in my Audible debut. And to have my friend and colleague Kevin Bacon bring life and soul to them is an honor and delight."

Described as "A Mortality Tale," Yard Work goes on sale this coming Monday, Aug. 31.