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Yoda's Force journey and clone tragedy dominate S6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Jabba the Pod 2.7]

By Brian Silliman & Caitlin Busch
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Sacrifice)

"Good soldiers follow orders."

Such is the repeated refrain at the beginning of Season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, when Clone Trooper Tup accidentally has Order 66 triggered within him too early. A Jedi falls, a mystery is unraveled, and by the end of the four-episode arc, it's clear that the tragedy of the Clones may be even bigger than the tragedy of the Jedi.

Titled "The Lost Missions" when this season was brought back to life courtesy of Netflix years ago, the season also includes some serious drama between Anakin and Padme, courtesy of the returning Rush Clovis. If you ever wanted to see Anakin beat the kriff out of Clovis with his bare hands, then this is the season for you. For one of the first (and only) times in their secret marriage, the bond between Anakin and Padme is truly tested.

You also get a wacky duo of episodes that pair Mace Windu together with Jar Jar Binks, but the real treasure in this season is the arc at the end. The final four episodes of this season find Yoda himself diving deep into Force mysteries, with the wise old Jedi Master learning that the true nature of the Force is rooted in sacrifice.

By the end, it is clear to Yoda that the Jedi are going to lose the Clone Wars, and that they are going to lose badly. The bigger war, however, the never-ending battle between the dark and the light ... that might not be lost. Not yet.

SYFY WIRE's Star Wars podcast, Jabba the Pod, is here to discuss and celebrate this amazing season. Our heroes (Caitlin Busch, Brian Silliman, and the returned Matt "The Betrayer" Romano) are here to break down every little detail of this nuanced season, which, for a long time, everyone assumed would be the end of this series.

Until it wasn't, and The Clone Wars was saved. Join our heroes once again on February 21 as they begin their journey into Season 7... something we never thought we'd ever see.

Before that, however, take a look at a must-see watchlist of episodes to get you prepared, and then go on our Force journey of everything and anything related to Season 6. Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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