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SYFY WIRE Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist recap: Up in flames

By Courtney Enlow & Carly Lane

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist seemed like it was approaching an intense flustercluck this week and, well, that's exactly what happened. From Zoey inadvertently committing arson during one of the episode's tensest moments to a very scary accident hitting closer to home, it's safe to say A Lot went down, and thank goodness we've got this space to parse through it all, right? 

We're Courtney Enlow and Carly Lane, and we're still not over Lauren Graham singing Kesha this week.

Warning: Spoilers within for Season 1, Episode 6 of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.


The Engagement Party of Doom

Carly: OK, as awkward as it was when Zoey realized that Jessica was hip to the events of Simon's late-night drop-by, I can't be the only one who wants to listen to India de Beaufort's cover of "Say My Name" on repeat now, right? Killer vocals aside, I had a feeling that this secret was going to out itself in the most dramatic of fashions, and of course it did — and then to add fire to insult to injury, the entire dang rose wall goes up in flames?! This is peak dramatic storytelling, my friends, and don't let anyone tell you any differently. 

Courtney: Was that flower wall made of turpentine? Does Maggie use butane as a preservant? How did that thing go up like that? THAT SAID, I'm with Mo — the wall of flames seems like a way cooler photo-op, tbh.

As we saw with Zoey's brother and his wife, Zoey, as usual, gets the brunt of the blame — WOMEN ALWAYS DO — when he's the one who showed up at her door late at night, he's the one texting her Memoji-based flirts, and he's the one GETTING G-DAMNED MARRIED!

Carly: Then again, not everything at the party was made of bad. Mo had a hot member of Jessica's bridal party checking him out and the two definitely seemed like they were on their way to a potential first date, so at least someone's walking away from this disaster event with a good thing. Honestly, no one deserves it more than Mo, so I'm rooting for him and Eddie! And Max acting as wingman after Mo helped him with a much-needed makeover was the adorable cherry on top of this presh sundae.

Courtney: Mo and Max are my new favorite friendship. Cute, supportive, and Mo gave us and Zoey the greatest gift: Skylar Astin nips.


A Round of Guilt for Everyone!

Carly: Of course, of course, the one time Maggie leaves Mitch under the watchful gaze of an old friend in order to supervise the engagement party, something happens — and of course that something is a thing that could have happened to anyone looking after her husband, but you know this is just going to make her even more reluctant to relinquish her caretaking duties every once in a while or maybe cause her to press pause on continuing to pursue her career. Either way, it was a wake-up call on a lot of fronts. But anything that makes Mary Steenburgen cry is a CRIME.

Courtney: She just breaks my heart every episode. It's this tragic combination — she blames herself for leaving at all, which isn't fair or realistic, but also there's the fact he probably should have been moved downstairs by this point, but even that's understandable as it probably made things too real. There's stuff that could have been prevented but only after being learned the hard way, and there's stuff that can't be prevented at all, and no way to tell which is which. There's so much guilt that comes with caregiver — as a parent, a spouse, a child, anyone in the position where someone else's safety and wellbeing is as in your hands as anything can be. 


Team Max vs. Team Simon: The love triangle finally loses a side?

Carly: I will say I was very proud of our girl Zoey for sending Simon away at the beginning of the episode — inviting him to stay would have been the wrong move, and she knew that — but sometimes there's no arguing with crush feelings, and I think she's been dealing with the management of other people's emotions for so long that her own wound up hitting her all at once and leading to a bit of a breakdown. Plus those pre-gaming shots with Joan beforehand probably didn't help much.

Courtney: If this is the death of Simon and Zoey as a thing and they become just friends, that's what I want. The rallying cry of this recap series: LET MEN AND WOMEN BE FRIENDS! 

THAT SAID. I may have an exception to that rule. Girl, you know what I'm talking about.

Carly: Damn it, Courtney, I know I said I wasn't invested in a potential love triangle situation, but I am very invested in a warm and supportive friend who steps up and helps in a time of crisis and is just there, because that is the sort of swoony romantic ish I live for. Max quietly taking charge of the situation when Zoey was too emotionally scrabbled to know what to do after getting the call about her dad's accident served as the moment when I realized these two could actually have something and I wouldn't mind it one bitty-bit.

Courtney: The single most heroic moment to ever involve a scooter, I tell you. 


Courtney: Ta-da-da-dan-te-la-dan-te-la-dan-te-le-la-da-da! It was good. Look, sometimes we must all as a species learn that the guy who is willing to eff over his entire engagement without actually pulling the ripcord isn't the guy you want BUT SOMETIMES THE SECRETLY JACKED DORK IS! Le sigh. Le big sigh.