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Debris: Bryan challenges Finola about 'dangerous' George in an exclusive sneak peek at season finale

By Tara Bennett
Debris Season 1 Finale

After a season full of debris events, revelations, and returns from the dead (in the case of Tyrone Benskin's George), it all comes down to the Debris Season 1 finale. As Finola and Bryan (Riann Steele and Jonathan Tucker) have moved closer to each other and further away from Orbital, the Influx faction continues to make things even more complicated with their fixation on collecting pieces for some mysterious greater purpose. 

In this exclusive clip for tonight's Debris season finale, "Celestial Body," the agents are clearly on the case again, but they take a bit of a pause to consider if George is really leading them in the right direction. In particular, Bryan questions Finola about the way George came back, and if they can trust that his mysterious event is for good, or something else...

Will that question be solved in the season finale? It remains to be seen but creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman exclusively tells SYFY WIRE that he hopes there will be a second season to expand on the deep stories and mythology they've presented. 

"I feel like this is a show that is really unique and I make these types of shows because I feel that people want to watch them and feel the same things as I do. And there's a real fan base out there. It's growing. It took me 22 episodes in the first season of Fringe and it still wasn't there until we got to Season 2!" Wyman says with a laugh. "It takes some time for people to go, 'Oh, man, this is quality television, and I'm getting what they're doing. And this will pay off. I can invest in these characters and this story.' I hope to hear soon because there's a lot of story still to tell."

Look for SYFY WIRE's exclusive extended post mortem with Wyman answering all your Season 1 and season finale questions tomorrow.

The Debris season finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, with next-day streaming for all available episodes on Peacock.