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SYFY WIRE Stargate SG-1

Dial the gate! The world of Stargate SG-1 crossing over with Astrokings MMO video game

By Tara Bennett

Stargate SG-1 fans are a patient bunch. While there hasn't been any film or TV installments since 2008's Stargate: Continuum (though we did get a web series), the promise of new adventures have been teased recently by former executive producers. However, nothing has definitively been greenlit, and so rewatches, official novels, comics, and even fanfiction have had to suffice. Except now, there's something new and out of the blue: an SG-1 limited run MMO adventure featuring crew members Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and use of the signature ship, the Odyssey!

ASTROKINGS, the ongoing real-time strategy, massively multiplayer mobile game (MMO) announced today the launch of an exclusive (and limited time) official crossover narrative using the SG-1 characters and ships. And it all starts today.

Astrokings Stargate Adventure MMO

If you're new to the MMO world, or ASTROKINGS, the game asks its players to participate in "cosmic spaceship battles, manage futuristic resources, and build planetary facilities on countless worlds. In a bid to become the absolute galactic imperator in the epic sci-fi real-time strategy multiplayer experience, players build their own starship fleet, customize it with powerful weapons, and command it either solo or with an alliance team to conquer the galaxy."

With this limited crossover narrative lasting until May 26, gameplay will allow for the aforementioned SG-1 characters and the Odyssey to be unlocked and purchased for players to use in this special adventure.

At this time, there's no word whether or not publisher Tilting Point and developer AN Games have created more Stargate SG-1 adventures with licensor MGM. But as always, the reception for these unexpected collaborations often determines the creation of more chapters.

To check out all the new Stargate content in ASTROKINGS, visit the game's iOS and Android stores.