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SYFY WIRE Black Adam

The Rock strikes with DC FanDome teaser offering best look yet at Black Adam in costume

By Justin Carter
Black Adam

"The hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change," says Dwayne Johnson. And when The Rock says something, he definitely means it.

Ahead of tomorrow's DC FanDome event, which will feature a look at the upcoming Black AdamJohnson took to Twitter to seemingly provide a glimpse of his costume in the upcoming film, along with a promise that he's going to "crush them all."

When we say "quick," we mean quick — it's as fast as a bolt of lightning, which is rather fitting given the character's control over the electrifying element. Still, it should certainly hold eager fans over until the actual Black Adam panel on Saturday evening, Aug. 22. 

Warner Bros. and Johnson have been trying to get a Black Adam movie to happen for quite some time, but several factors, including Johnson's ridiculously busy schedule, hampered progress on the film. It was thanks to the box office and critical success of last year's Shazam! that progress on Adam was finally made.

Originally, Black Adam was meant to appear in Shazam! — hence a deleted scene teasing his appearance — but he was later cut from that movie to get an origin story. In his own film, Adam will get the chance to shine and show what makes him such a formidable enemy for Billy Batson and his family to contend with ... maybe. With luck, either this panel or the Shazam panel later in the evening will explain how the two characters will cross paths in another film. 

Beyond not featuring his red-clad nemesis, Black Adam is expected to introduce the Justice Society of America into the DC Extended Universe. Over the summer, Noah Centineo of To All the Boys I've Loved Before was cast as JSA member Atom Smasher, who becomes Adam's best friend and later enemy. The JSA have been receiving quite a media spotlight thanks to both Stargirl on The CW and the recently released Injustice: Year Zero comics. Hopefully, FanDome will give us an idea of who else is in this version of the JSA.

Black Adam comes to theaters Dec. 22, 2021. Its DC FanDome panel begins tomorrow at 6:10 p.m. ET, with the SHAZAM! panel at 7:40 p.m. ET. Check SYFY WIRE for all the details!