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Chosen One of the Day: Great Nana from Knives Out

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Dec 10, 2019, 10:31 AM EST

Knives Out is a film simply resplendent in beautiful wonderful creatures. Ana de Armas? Please. Jamie Lee Curtis? PUH-LEASE. Chris Evans? GET REAL. Chris Evans's sweater? BE STILL MY BEATING EVERYTHING. But one character stood out among the rest as the most flawless of all, dressed head to toe in sheer perfection and gifting us with the movie's most memorable moments.

I'm talking of course about Great Nana Thrombey (K Callan).

First of all, we stan an actress who not only goes by an initial but one absent of periods. K Callan is all out of f***s and punctuation. Callan also has a long genre history. In addition to shows like Carnivàle and an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Callan appeared on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Martha Kent, wherein she both created Superman's iconic lewk and totally objectified his balls. It's true. It happened. I saw it with mine own eyes.

But in Knives Out, Great Nana serves near wordless fancy realness. She wears Chris Evans' bulked-out body weight in furs and jewels and glasses (the glasses alone account for at least 20 pounds) and just... is there. Staring. Watching. KNOWING. Being without flaw, including her hearing which you know is fine, she just didn't feel like listening to Walt and can. you. blame. her?

There are baubles and gemstones all over the woman's neck and jaunty cap, but dammit, Nana herself is the true gem of Knives Out.

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