Cloud and Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Square Enix

Gaming: Dazzling first moments of Final Fantasy VII Remake; Fortnite gets Rickrolled & more

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Feb 16, 2020, 7:32 PM EST

We thought we knew Midgar, but boy, were we wrong. After seeing the opening cinematic for the Final Fantasy VII Remake that Square Enix released this week, all our preconceptions and pixelated PS1-era memories feel positively quaint compared to the version of techno-dystopian urban jungle we’ll be navigating when the hugely hyped game arrives this spring.

The trailer, touted by Square Enix as the introductory first five minutes of what we’ll see when the game begins, starts with a big-picture, panoramic drop-in on the Shinra-controlled city, before sweeping in closer to lavish dazzling HD detail on everyday NPCs just trying to live their best Midgar lives. And we even get to see the city in the daytime!

The opening half of the trailer’s footage is completely new, and it all makes for one nostalgia-triggering trip — especially when those first few spine-tingling notes from composer Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic opening theme kick in. Check it out in all its HD glory below:

Final Fantasy on YouTube

Even though we’re having to wait a little longer to jump back into one of the most memorable places in all of video gaming history, the eye test strongly suggests the month-long delay from the game’s originally-scheduled March release date be worth it. Hold on to your Materia: Final Fantasy VII Remake is streaming like a meteor toward PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere when it arrives on April 10.

Well, just when things over in the world of Fortnite couldn’t get any weirder, Epic Games has come along and given players a way to Rickroll your in-game friends (or at least yourself). The game has just debuted a new emote feature inspired by one of the internet’s oldest bait-and-switch trolls, giving players the option of dancing like singer Rick Astley in his now-infamous “Never Gonna Give You Up” video, while a piece of the actual song itself plays in the background. 

Appropriately dubbed the “Never Gonna” emote, the fun feature is now available for 500 V-Bucks, and you can sample all the meme-able magic in Fortnite’s teaser — hilariously served up in the true spirit of Rickrolling — below (hint — don't be fooled by the friendly bear):

With tax season just around the corner, we guess we’ll consider that a win — even though our battle royale victories are still few and far between.

The first Half-Life game in more than a decade now has a release date. Riding a wave of fan buzz for Half-Life: Alyx, the next chapter in what many critics still hail as one of gaming’s greatest franchises, Valve recently tweeted that Alyx will arrive in players’ hands on March 23.

Will Half-Life: Alyx become that elusive must-play game that finally breaks virtual reality into gaming’s mainstream? Only time will tell. And with the game hitting SteamVR on March 23, we won’t have long to wait to find out.