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LEGO Slave 1 20th Anniversary set

LEGO celebrates 20 years of Star Wars with five new anniversary sets

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Jan 29, 2019

The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of two of the biggest brands in the world coming together in perfect synergy: LEGO and Star Wars. So what better way to celebrate than with a few exclusives?

Fun fact: way back in 1999, Star Wars was the very first licensed product that the brick company ever produced. To celebrate their two decades together, LEGO Star Wars is releasing five special edition sets each including a 20th anniversary collectible minifigure.

Each will be available later in the year so take a look at what you can plan to build very soon....

75261 – Clone Scout Walker 20th Anniversary Edition

LSW 75261

Protect the Wookiee warrior with the armored Clone Scout Walker! 

75259 – Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition

LSW 75259

Sound the alarm, Echo Base is under attack! Win the Battle of Hoth with Luke and Dak Ralter in their

amazing LEGO® Star WarsTM Snowspeeder from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

75258 – Anakin’s Podracer 20th Anniversary Edition

LSW 75258

Speed to victory in Anakin’s Podracer! Sit young Anakin Skywalker in the cockpit and lower his goggles ready for the race. 

75243 – Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition

LSW 75243

Build Boba Fett’s personal Slave I starship and travel with him through the LEGO® Star Wars galaxy in search of fugitives! 

75262 – Imperial Dropship 20th Anniversary Edition

LSW 75262

Deploy the troopers with the LEGO® Star WarsTM Imperial Dropship!

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