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Bucky escapes near death in Marvel Comics' new Falcon and Winter Soldier #1

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Feb 21, 2020, 6:25 PM EST

The Avengers' Falcon and the Winter Soldier are primed for their upcoming live-action TV series on Disney+ debuting this summer, but before they storm into danger on the small screen, Marvel Comics is presenting the partnership in a fresh five-issue miniseries soaring into comic shops starting Feb. 26 — and SYFY WIRE is unleashing an expanded preview of the premiere issue.

Falcon & Winter Soldier — penned by Derek Landy (Black Order, Secret Empire: Uprising), with soaring artwork by Federico Vincentini (Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales) — finds ex-Captain Americas Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson engaged in a struggle to hunt down an assassin after a homicidal hit is placed on Bucky's life as he's peacefully meditating with his cat.

While searching for the cruel mastermind behind the murder attempt, these two charismatic heroes embark on a daring adventure to ferret out the new Hydra leader and a dastardly mass casualty crisis in the making.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"The best thing about working on this book is how good Federico makes me look," Landy tells SYFY WIRE. "I'd love to take whatever credit I could scrounge for the action scenes, but what actually happens is that my script goes in and then gets reimagined. The result is some of the slickest, most kinetic action you're likely to see in any comic on the stands right now."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"The thing about artists is that they've got to be actors, too," he adds, regarding the dynamic panels. "They don't act on stage or screen, but rather on the page. The poses, the body language, the facial expressions they give these characters imbue them with a life and a vitality that I had no idea they possessed when I was writing the scripts. Falcon & The Winter Soldier is a masterclass in the artist acting on the page, and anyone with even a passing interest in working in comics needs to pay attention to what they're seeing."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Glide into our 7-page peek at Marvel Comics' Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 in the gallery below, and pique your excitement for the upcoming union of Sam and Bucky.