Alana Rose Schiro

Age: 22
Occupation: Artist
Hometown: New York, NY
Residence: North Hollywood, CA
Previous Appearance: Season 3

Outgoing, ambitious and free-spirited, Alana Rose Schiro made quite an impression when she was a cast member in the third season of Face Off, and not just because she was the youngest contestant ever. Growing up in New York has inspired Alana to be fashion forward with all of her creatures: call it "Creature Couture." Alana's inspirations range from special effects wizard Steve Wang to Lady Gaga, Jim Henson and fashion designers Alexander McQueen and Christian Siriano. Since appearing on the show, Alana has started a business selling her signature "Rotten Roses." She is back for the new season because she thinks the new skills she's developed in the last year working as a makeup artist and foam fabricator will help her do even better on Face Off. Her favorite movies with special effects are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and Hocus Pocus.

You can follow Alana on Twitter. @Toxicshockfx