Anthony Kosar (Winner)

Age: 26
Expertise:  Creature/Character Design, Sculpting, Prosthetics, Painting
Occupation: Artist/Owner of Kosart Effects Studios
From: Chicago, IL

Tired of relying on generic Halloween store costumes, Anthony created his first prosthetic when he was 16. Anthony began his company, Kosart Effects Studios, from his home in 2005, and in April 2011, he opened the doors to his new commercial studio, where he continues to work within multiple industries of the artistic world, and between projects, teaches the art of FX on weekends.Besides freelance FX projects for theater, film and commercials, Anthony designs and sculpts prototypes for toys, masks, collectibles and medical anatomical models, illustrates for novels and comic books, and creates fine art paintings and sculptures.  In 2007, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to intern for the legendary Stan Winston, his hero, working on special effects for the feature films Avatar and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as well as various commercials.

You can follow Anthony on Twitter. @KOSARTeffects