Autumn Cook

Age: 35
Expertise: Horror, Fantasy
Occupation: Freelance SFX Artist
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Autumn went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Industrial Design program, where she majored in Advanced Specialized Effects. She got her start in the field soon after, doing set design, prop fabrication as well as make-up effects for various types of stage performances. She worked seasonally until the birth of her daughter in 2006. Autumn is equally versed in high fashion makeup as well as SFX applications due to her unique flair for the dramatic in both her makeup and design. In early, 2010, she began working in film locally, doing make-up as well as make-up and practical effects alongside Toetag FX on multiple horror projects.  Autumn continues to freelance from Pittsburgh and has currently finished up directing/fabricating special FX solo on a horror anthology film segment for Harbinger pictures. She has aspirations to become a full-time SFX make-up artist on big budget films and projects.Read more

You can follow Autumn on Twitter. @ZombitchFX