Cat Paschen

Age: 25
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Residence: North Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Lab Technician at Make-Up Designory

Cat Paschen is no stranger to adversity. On her own since, 18, she worked her way through college at San Francisco State University, where she earned a BA in communications studies while prepping to attend law school. Defying her dad's wishes, she opted to chase her dreams as a makeup artist instead of applying to law school. After being hired at MAC cosmetics, she knew make-up was her future. She decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to become a professional make-up artist and attend Make-Up Designory. Fiercely driven by her ambitions, Cat's detail oriented and meticulous approach to design combined with her blending expertise, has molded her into a technical, well-versed makeup artist. Her future ambitions include opening her own SFX shop with her boyfriend, fellow season six contestant Nicolas "Niko" Gonzalez.

You can follow Cat on Twitter. @CatPaschen