Chloe Sens

Age: 22
Hometown: Austin, TX
Residence: Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist

Chloe was raised by a family of talented artists in Austin, Texas who always encouraged her artistic passions. Upon graduating high school and being awarded culinary student of the year, Chloe pursued a career in the baking and pastry arts. After being the executive pastry chef in one of Austin's oldest bakeries, Chloe soon realized that what she loved was really the art of large cake design and decoration. Shortly after, Chloe was introduced to special effects makeup and started watching Stan Winston School videos and practicing the craft. In 2012, she was granted a work study internship at Cinema Makeup School. Chloe then built a female gill man that won first place at Monsterpalooza and earned her a scholarship to the school. It was there that she met her biggest mentors -- Mike Spatola, Don Lanning, and Lee Joyner. Face Off will allow Chloe the opportunity to elevate her skills and her career. While she has less experience than her competitors, her fresh ideas, talent and perseverance are sure to impress the judges.

You can follow Chloe on Twitter. @BeautyEFX