Cig Neutron

From: Season 7
Hometown: New Castle, IN
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Special Effects Make-up and Freelance Sculptor

As the love child of 80's campiness and 50's sci-fi, Cig Neutron has been creating creatures from his imagination -- his "Cig Neutron Universe" -- since childhood. He crafts an elaborate story for all the creatures he designs in order to better realize his sculpts. He is currently a special effects make-up artist and a freelance sculptor, and co-founder of his company Bizarro Au Go-Go. He won the 2013 Son of Monsterpalooza costume contest with his Baphomet makeup. Cig and his girlfriend enjoy dressing up in full creature makeup and going out to karaoke bars. He believes that his unique and wacky personality will bring a lot of fun to the show.

You can follow Cig on Twitter. @cigneutron