Damien Zimmerman

Age: 25
Hometown: Junction City, KS
Residence: Junction City, KS
Occupation: Screen Printer

Kansas native Damien Zimmerman was 100% self-taught by watching special effects instructional videos and talking to others online. He is one of the extremely few effects artists in his area. Supported by his mother and grandparents, Damien began constructing haunted houses at a very young age, which eventually carried over into makeup effects. He also was the 1st place winner of a costume contest that was featured on Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay in 2013. Besides makeup, he also builds sets, costumes, and props. His dream is to fully immerse himself into film and Halloween culture and thrive. As an outgoing and passionate artist, Damien believes he may become the loudest and most talkative contestant on season 7.

You can follow Damien on Twitter. @ol_dirtyzombie