Damien Zimmerman

Age: 27
Hometown: Junction City, KS
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Painter at Immortal Masks

Kansas native Damien Zimmerman is back! Since his debut on Season 7, Damien has moved to Los Angeles, where he has lived and worked for the last 3 years. Diving in head first, he has made much headway and worked on a plethora of projects in many areas of the industry. Whether it be sculpting sharks for Sharknado 3, patching puppets for Rick and Morty, or painting Klingons for Star Trek Discovery, Damien is always eager to work hard, and learn along the way. All of this freelancing surrounds his day job as head of the Paint Department at Immortal Masks, owned by Face Off season 12 winner Andrew Freeman, where he leads as head of the paint department painting hyper-realistic silicone masks for the Halloween, Haunted Attraction and Film industries. Welcome back Damien!

You can follow Damien on Twitter @ol_dirtyzombie