Daniel Prado

Age: 38
Hometown:  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Residence: Atlanta, GA
Occupation:  Associate Creative Director

Daniel Prado is lucky to have the world's most enthusiastic model for his transformative designs: his oldest son Thomas. A doting father of three, Daniel hopes his passion for special effects makeup, particularly character creation and sculpting, will inspire his children to pursue their own artistic endeavors. After a formal art and graphic design education in Brazil, Daniel taught himself how to apply and create special effects makeup. Upon moving to the United States two years ago, Daniel discovered boundless opportunities and resources available to further his craft. Despite having a full house and full-time career, Daniel still finds the time to work on his various projects, an advantage he's confident will come in handy when dealing with Face Off's tight deadlines.

You can follow Daniel on Twitter. @DanielPrado_