Eric Fox

Age: 38
Expertise: Horror/Fantasy/Ethnicity
Occupation: Owner of MORB-X FX
From: Riverside, CA

Eric is a starving artist with tremendous drive. Born and raised in rural Georgia he grew up in the back woods on a farm. As a kid, Eric was left with nothing to do as a kid but overindulge in old school horror movies. In high school, Eric was known as the "Creepy Goth kid" who kept severed heads in his locker. Today, Eric is still toting around the "Creepy Goth" look but he is now a husband of 14 years and father of 4. Eric owns his own special effects shop, MORB-X FX, which he operates with his wife, Sheri. They have worked on music videos and also na online Halloween special for Blackbox TV called Proxy, based on the popular video games Slender. Eric knows that this is the job he was meant to do and hopes to make it big soon.Read more

You can follow Eric on Twitter. @MORBXFX