Frank Ippolito

Age: 35
Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Residence: Burbank CA
Previous Appearance: Season 1

Frank Ippolito was a formerly nerdy kid from Cleveland, Ohio, who hung out in the basement and made monsters, inspiring his true calling in special effects artistry. Thirteen years ago, he moved to Los Angeles to turn his passion into a profession, and four years ago he was in the first season of Face Off. He now owns his own F/X shop and has racked up some notable feature film credits; he recently collaborated with Danny DeVito on the horror film St. Sebastian's. Still possessed of a passionate attitude and a no-nonsense style, he hopes a second go-round on Face Off will allow him to show more of what he is capable of. His favorite movie with special effects is John Carpenter's The Thing.

You can follow Frank on Twitter. @FrankIppolito