Gage Hubbard

From: Season 1
Hometown: Willard, Utah
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Makeup Artist

A gifted make-up artist, Gage (“Munster”) Hubbard became terrified of Freddy Kruger after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street at just six years old while living in rural Utah. His mother and father bought him his first Horror effects magazine to show how Freddy’s makeup was applied. It was then that he yearned to understand more about the art of special make-up effects.  Growing up, Gage was labeled an outcast. He loved alternative music, was deemed a "goth kid" in high school, and buried himself in R-rated monster movies and his artwork. He engulfed himself with art and studied all he could through books and magazines, and honed his painting and sculptural technique through practice. Gage is openly gay and very close to his mother, whom he admires with the utmost respect. He has been living on his own since he was 17 years old, moved to Las Vegas, then shortly thereafter to Los Angeles, where he adopted the nickname of "Munster,” and put himself through make-up school. He has been working professionally since 2005, with a focus on fine tuning his skill set and technique as a fine artist, finding a place for himself through his art. Since the first season of Face Off, Gage has gone on to work on such projects as: American Horror Story: Coven, The Taking of Debora Logan, Cabin Fever 3, The Devil's Carnival 1 & 2, and RuPauls Drag Race to name a few. In 2013 Gage was nominated for a golden statue for Best Make-up for a motion picture for the Bollywood film Vishwaroopam.

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