Graham Schofield

Age: 34
Hometown: Boston, MA
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation:  Local 44 union propmaker/ self-employed mask and toy maker

Graham Schofield is back for the attack and has got the skills to pay the bills. As the lead painter at the Hand Prop Room and self-proclaimed "fake-up" artist, Graham has painted thousands (if not hundreds) of props for an unimaginable amount of TV and film productions. In his spare time he makes high end Masks and monster toys! He once ate a 6 foot submarine sandwich in two sittings. Now watch him put those skills
to the test! Will his sharp wit and scathing good looks help him rise to the top? Like cream? Maybe oil? Perhaps. You decide, no wait, the judges will decide.Read more

You can follow Graham on Twitter. @GCSFX