Jamie Leodones

Age: 30
Hometown: Alberta, Canada
Residence: Burbank, CA
Occupation:  Freelance Makeup Artist

A black belt in karate and small business owner, Jamie Leodones wants to show young viewers that women can do anything as well as, or better than, men. Jamie signed up for Face Off to show her niece and nephew that with hard work and determination, the sky is the limit. Trained in special effects by Season 4 finalist Kris Kobzina, Jamie has been designing and applying makeup for over ten years, starting in Canada and then moving to the United States. Over the span of her career, Jamie has taught students how to make zombie hordes on a budget, worked at FrightFest and has even collaborated with cosplay superstar Yaya Han for 2014's WonderCon. The first Filipino on Face Off, Jamie is ready to bring her A-game.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter. @jaeraele