Jenna Green

Age: 40
Expertise: Application, Painting, Fabrication
Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
From: Austin, TX

Jenna learned everything she knows about SFX Makeup from books, the Internet, and trial and error. This self-taught makeup artist is comfortable sculpting, working with foam latex and airbrushing.  Jenna is an ovarian cancer survivor who raises her two kids with the help of her mother. She credits her family and friends for helping her fight her battle. During her illness, she had given up doing makeup, but found renewed inspiration while watching the first season of Face Off, and decided to dive right back into doing makeup and eventually auditioning for the show. When she is not working with makeup, Jenna has a passion for working on cars, singing, playing multiple instruments and acting. She looks forward to learning more and more about the industry and endeavors to learn something new about it every day.

You can follow Jenna on Twitter. @JennaAKACrash