Katie Machaiek

Age: 26
Expertise: Application, Airbrushing and Paint
Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
From: Owls Head, ME

Katie is a quirky girl from a family that nurtured her both creatively and intellectually. She first got into makeup when studying filmmaking at Emerson College, where she did makeup and SFX on fellow students' projects. From there, Katie moved to Los Angeles and attended Cinema Makeup School. Since then, Katie has worked on numerous music videos and films. Katie returns to her small town roots in coastal Maine every year and helps her old high school (where her mom is the drama teacher) with their theatre productions, fabricating props and teaching makeup to students. Katie was actually a finalist in Face Off season one casting and a backup to the 12 cast members. Determined, she perfected her craft and after also ranking high in season 2 and 3 auditions, Katie is excited to finally compete.Read more

You can follow Katie on Twitter. @ktmachaiek