Kayla 'Jo' Holland

AGE: 29Area of Expertise: anatomy/realism (silicone fabrication)OCCUPATION: Lead Silicone Technician at Legacy Effects (San Fernando)HOMETOWN: Hilo, HawaiiRESIDENCE: North Hollywood

Jo Holland has traveled through the industry working in shops and by the age of 23 became the sole silicone caster for shops such as Tinsley Studio and Fractured FX, while freelancing out of her garage on videos for artist like Bowie and Tyler the Creator.  Venturing out, she worked on museum fabrication and installation working at museums like the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum. An advocate of working hard, Jo believes positivity and passion are key to advancing in the arts and she is enjoying every moment. She is currently working her dream job as the lead silicone caster and fabricator at Legacy!

You can follow Jo on Twitter @Johollandfx