Logan Long

From: Season 8
Hometown: Park City, UT
Residence: Salt Lake City, UT
Occupation: Self-Employed Artist

Through hard work and commitment, Logan has built the foundation for a career as an artist inside and out of the special effects industry. After earning his bachelors degree from the University of Utah in International Relations and a decade-long pursuit of becoming a career pilot, Logan shifted all of his attention and resources to his artistic pursuits. As the founder of his modest company Logan Long Creative Works, LLC, he has managed to develop some strong relationships with numerous companies in need of the special effects he is able to provide. From Salt Lake City, UT to Beijing, China to Mumbai, India, Logan has been busy these past years. “I did not forfeit a career in aviation to be kept out of an industry I’ve grown to love. You fight a lot harder when you've got a growing baby to feed!.” –Logan (Referring to his new baby boy.)Read more

You can follow Logan on Twitter. @loganladdie

You can visit his website here.