Margaret Caragan

Age: 32
Residence: Oakland, California
Occupation: Owner, Pandora FX

Margaret Caragan is the founder and owner of Pandora FX. She has worked in the Bay Area as a special makeup effects artist for 10 years. Caragan studied Fine Art at the Academy of Art College, earning a Bachelor's in Sculpture. She spends the majority of her time managing teams as a makeup department head, creating highly detailed makeup effects designs and executing them for commercial and independent film clients. She specializes in casualty and character makeups, creating custom prosthetics for creatures, likeness, old age, injuries and extreme transformations. In her work, Margaret takes pride in taking care of her clients' needs and enjoys the challenge of a new makeup design. Caragan's business partner at Pandora FX is co-cast member George Schminky.

You can follow Margaret on Twitter. @margaretannem8s