Matt Valentine

AGE: 33EXPERTISE: Hyper Stylized Conceptual Design in Horror and Fantasy / Sculpting, Foam Latex / Airbrush / Fabrication / ProstheticsOCCUPATION: CEO and Owner - Global Fear EnterprisesRESIDENCE: Austin, TX

Matt Valentine hails from Austin, Texas and is a completely self taught artist. He's known by such names as “makeup’s MVP and The Pimp Of Darkness.” Matt believes his purpose and duty as an artist is to save the horror industry. His philosophy is that horror must be lethal, dangerous and fashionably high end to be worthwhile. Taking a very psychological approach to making monsters he tries to interject subliminal esoteric symbolism into each and every piece he creates. Matt is weary of predisposed horror and wants to introduce original terrifying abominations unseen before to traumatize the masses. Matt has surgical precision with his detail even taking the time to give his creations a unique back story. Matt currently runs his own business of horror -inspired creations and does everything from fx makeup, set design, costuming, graphic design, video production and acting. He is preparing to unleash his latest collection on the 2012 Transworld convention based in St. Louis and gain makeup immortality once and for all.

You can follow Matt on Twitter. @MattValentineFX