Matt Valentine

Age: 39
Expertise: Conceptual Assassin/Sculpting/Marketing/Branding
Occupation: Owner and CEO of Global Fear Enterprises
Hometown: Austin, TX
Residence: Austin, TX

Matt Valentine is a self-taught artist known for his hyper-stylized conceptual designs. He has a reputation of interjecting subliminal, abstract, and anthropomorphic esoteric symbolism into each piece he creates. Matt also teaches makeup fx workshops worldwide, spreading his unique techniques to artists abound and giving back to the community. To this day, the name Matt Valentine is more widely known as the creator of
the infamous Tim Burton-inspired Ice Cream Clown created on Face Off Season 2. Artists and fans around the globe have paid homage to this creation in recreations, fan art, and even tattoos of this character. Matt currently operates his FX studio, Global Fear Enterprises—a studio that specializes in premium FX costumes, custom creations, makeups, conceptual and graphic design.

You can follow Matt on Twitter. @MattValentineFX