RJ Haddy

Age: 36
Occupation: Special Effects Artist, Airbrush Dealer
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
Residence: Charleston, West Virginia
Previous Appearance: Season 2

Robert "RJ" Haddy's goal when he was cast in season two of Face Off was to give his career a push so that he could quit teaching high school and work full time on his art. Mission accomplished. These days, RJ works full time creating special effects and running an e-commerce site selling airbrush equipment, including his own Shadow line of brushes. Inspired by special effects masters like Rick Baker, Jim Henson, Stan Winston, Greg Cannom and others, and by being selected as the Fan Favorite in season two, RJ is back for the new season of Face Off. He hopes that his new confidence and refined techniques will propel him to a win this season. He'd like to use the champion's prize money to build up his airbrush business, and also to allow his mother to retire. His favorite movies with special effects are Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Little Shop of Horrors, Star Wars, Batman (1989), Beetlejuice and Gremlins.

You can follow RJ on Twitter. @radfxrob